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  Products and Services

Kettle Corn
Our lightly sweetened and lightly salted
kettle cooked popcorn Is popped with our homemade kettles one of a kind stainless steel designed for volume popping. We use our own recipe.

Kettle Popped Popcorn
Already have a kettle corn person at your event?
 How about the people cutting back on sugar.
Holy Cow fresh hot butter flavored popcorn is a great addition to any event.

Kettle Cooked Cinnamon Roasted Mixed Nuts
Using our stainless steel kettles, Holy Cow Has created a one of a kind mixture of Almonds, Pecans, an Cashews, all in one bag. A real crowd pleaser.

Boiled Peanuts
A southern speciality, light cajon flavored, cooked to perfection, not bought frozen 

Fresh Squeezed Frozen Lemonade
Every glass hand made to order. No old bottled sugar water, no dirty lemons in your glass,
 not just a glass of ice on a hot day,
you drink the whole glass.
Just the best Ice cold Lemonade you will ever have.

Sno Kones
Kids love Sno Kones and the lines will show.
Great summer time refreshment.

Cotton Candy
Makes everyone feel like a child.
We use our own mix for a much better flavor. 

Italian Ice
Made with real fruit, no artificial flavoring,
for the richest palette.

Hot Chocolate and Coffee
Winter months only 

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Holy Cow Kettle Corn has been in business serving Hillsborough County and surrounding Tampa Bay area sence 1998. Some of you may remember us from your day at the zoo or a school field trip we were the official Kettle Corn vendor at Lowry Park zoo for four consecutive years. During that time, Lowry Park earned the distinction for being the number one, Family friendly zoo in the country. We are proud to be a part of that distinction. Since then, we have served many communities in many events.
Our business was founded in 1998 when we decided to go public with some long held family recipes. The response was immediately over whelming.
As friends tasted our highly addictive, fun snacks our fame spread fast!
Using Holy Cows custom made Kettles, and Recipes we helped Mark an Fran open Mookies Kettle Korn also serving the Tampa Bay Area


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Lowry Park Zoo

But our mission is more than just providing the freshest, best tasting Snacks in the Tampa Bay Area 
We want our customers to enjoy the buying experance.


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